You Make Us Make Better Cars

Joanna Bailey for Kia

"To say Kia was a packed few days would be an understatement. We were creating visual metaphors and taking soundbites from our documentary researched “real” people and filming them driving cars in a variety of locations to create a 60 sec and cutdowns, content & stills. Coming from a documentary background Joanna was an ideal director for the project because she could combine striking visuals with a finely honed documentary interview technique that generated both funny and interesting real sound bites for the commercial and enough content to make individual films for each character. Our DOP took the stills whilst framing up the shots and as a result we kept the stills campaign an integral part of the main story, but it was also brilliant in terms of a good use of our filming time, which is the most highly prized resource on any filming day."

Joanna Bailey's Kia TVC 'You Make Us Make Better Cars' was incorporated into a bigger content driven campaign on the Kia website where drivers were encouraged to share the reasons they enjoyed driving:

The main TVC went on to receive Ad of The Day on The Drum:

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