Embassy Gardens

Chris Goulder for Ballymore

Chris Goulder's beautiful film for Embassy Gardens really captures the craft put into the new development on the riverside of Nine Elms including the incredible Sky Pool.


"I felt the real hero of the film should be the craft and craftsmanship which inevitably let us to some extraordinary people and places. In particular the Carrara marble quarry in Italy, trying to get your head around the scale of it is almost impossible. The drive up to the top of the mountain for the first shot of the day was a bit grizzly if your not into vertical drops and slippery road surfaces - the car we were in slid 20 meters back towards the edge of the face all in lovely slow motion of course when we eventually came to a standstill we got out thanked the driver and walked the rest of the way up. The real star of the quarry was 'Capo' he manages to extract building sized slabs of marble with a few intricate hand signals he has developed over the years - he started working at the quarry when he was 12 and that was 65 years ago! Filming in Italy was great, things definitely move at their own pace out there which can be a little frustrating at times but you quickly get used to it and of course you end up eating so well. With the edit we wanted to treat the film like we would a music video so finding the right music was key. We had the track by Souls - ‘I wait for you’ up our sleeve and were just waiting for the right project to use it, it matched the epic scale of the locations so well that it was a pretty easy choice to go with it."

Stills from the shoot...

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