Luke Losey for Ralph Lauren

The Ralph Lauren 4D project was a year of planning for the organisers and four months for Luke. The event itself involved closing Bond Street and Fifth avenue respectively. The catwalk elements were shot in New York on two half-size versions of the flagship stores. Shooting over four days on 30 X 20m green screen sets. The Polo games shot in Oxfordshire and Argentina. The team at Ralph Lauren insisted that Luke shoot all their merchandise rather than recreate it in CGI. This meant an extensive product shoot using motion control, rostrum and geared turntables. The animation element - which the live action is comped into was created over four months at UVA & MPC. Everything was shot, projected and rendered at 4K to give the highest possible resolution. The reaction to the films was resoundingly positive, taking possession of Polo Ralph Lauren’s timeless look for the digital age without missing a beat.

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