Pink Ribbon

Mary Sue Masson for Nestle

From Mary-Sue:

"How many times do you check your phone a day... Are there a couple of other things that could do with your attention?

This idea is a neat reminder for more women to get their hands off their phones #handson their breasts. The film then links the hashtag #handson encouraging women to upload their selfie’s on social media to spread the word. So far, this pan- European campaign has been a hit, with millions of hits on Facebook.

As we needed to capture all of the locations in a one-day shoot I chose Hackney. This is also where we street cast, working with a documentary researcher, to find a diverse range of local ‘real’ women.

The borough has so many interesting locations we could capture within a short distance to gave the film a broad texture, from a boating lake, to a busy street to a rooftop. (We even captured a shot in the van from one location to the next making the most out of every moment of our day). We worked with a very talented D.P. Benedict Spence, who worked brilliantly with a small crew (see pic).

It’s an area I love and know particularly well, (I happen to live there, my own house also features in the film). The agency came all the way from Paris for the shoot, and we all had great day.

We took our final shots on the roof of Netil house, and ended the day will a well earned sun-downer."

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