Luke Losey for Nokia

The Ralph Lauren film's caught the attention of Nokia, looking to find a contemporary way to launch their new handsets (aimed at a younger funkier market) the spectacle of architectural mapping seemed a perfect choice to reach their target audience. In this case the template isn't a flagship store but a piece of classic 1960’s architecture. The use of Millbank tower on the Thames set the tone for its stylish dystopian look with a cool retro feel. Drawing an audience of forty thousand people, it brought central London to a standstill and gave the artist Deadmau5 his biggest audience to date. The film has an anime Blade Runner-esque visual look inspired by club visuals from the American EDM scene. Luke fired 32 car size projectors across the Thames working with a team of 15 animators six days a week for two months. Nokia reclaimed its cool and Deadmau5 stepped into the global arena.

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