Danny MacAskill

Marcus Lundin for Microsoft

In Marcus Lundin's film for Microsoft, witness Danny MacAskill's daring new stunt. Capturing all the adrenaline and excitement, witness this incredible feat for yourself.

Stunt rider Danny MacAskill hit the River Thames in London on Wednesday (November 19) to perform a loop-the-loop in front of the London Eye.

The five-metre loop-the-loop was constructed on a barge in front of the London Eye for a stunt to promote Microsoft’s personal assistant software, Cortana.

“This is one of the biggest set-ups I have ever ridden and the location is amazing,” MacAskill said. “To have a five-metre loop floating on a barge is something surreal. I always look for new challenges and the chance to ride this massive loop with the help of Cortana is another achievement I can be proud of.”

The stunt cyclist is well-known for his death-defying challenges, which have amassed more than 60 million views on YouTube.

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