Take a Christmas Commute next time!

From Chris Goulder:

“The biggest challenge was casting a real kid and mum for this film. There was a huge amount riding on mums performance without her knowing so finding a mum and daughter with a really close relationship was essential and exactly what I found in Lana and Tessa who pulled off a performance you just wouldn't have got from an actress, they genuinely couldn’t wait for that train to stop and give each other a hug. 

The shoot itself was a loads of fun and threw up a whole myriad of challenges, not least trying to hide a 200ft decorated train from cast to get natural reactions at certain points in the day. 

Massive thanks to Fallon, the Bare Team and all involved particularly Tom Gander and his team for doing such a good job bringing Lana’s design to life and more. And to Chris Clarke and Chris Roebuck for their exceptional work on camera and edit respectively.”

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