Incredible Exposure for The Secret History of My Family

Joe Bullman's 'The Secret History of My Family' has received amazing coverage

In The Guardian Guide, it’s Pick of the Day and one of the picks of the week. The Guide calls it “A Who Do You Think You Are? in reverse” and “Engrossing and beautifully told.”

The Times calls it “remarkable” and says “Apart from the what-happens-next fascination of history, the programme offers a perspective on the nature vs nurture debate.”

The Telegraph asks “is the UK as socially mobile and meritocratic as politicians might like to think – or have modern families been trapped by the legacy of our forbears for the past 200 years? … Though it has echoes of WDYTYA – it asks, in a flash of genius, how much more we might learn about social mobility and stagnation, by approaching the journey in reverse.”

The Mail on Sunday says “it peels back the layers of the past to reveal hidden tales of genealogy that go back nearly two centuries… there’s no sense of shame in the past; instead family members dispersed across the world are very proud of just how far they have come.” It’s Pick of the Day in in the TV Section, with 4 stars.

The Radio Times says “The Secret History of My Family is a compelling slice of social history, mapping social mobility – or lack of it – in the past 200 years.”

The Observer calls it “An addictive story of crime, punishments, social mobility and decline. Fascinating and clever.”

The series will be reviewed on Radio 5’s TV Club this week and Joe will be appearing on BBC-1’s The One Show.

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